web design &DEVELOPMENT

The most basic thing for a small business to start with in promoting their business is a website. At New Reach Digital, we design and develop responsive and appealing websites that fit your business profile and offerings and enhances your image on the web. It is your marketing tool and we approach its design and development in a manner consistent with your company’s goals and expectations. With a great website that is search engine optimized (SEO), we make it easier for customers and potential customers to find you.

From strategy to the concept, design, and development to launch and assessment, we help you build responsive websites that are clean, modern, classic and timeless. With high performance, user-friendly and integrated systems design, you get a site that is suited to your business goals and which begins the process for your online marketing. 

We incorporate the keys of functionality, usability, and visual appeal to design your go-to marketing tool. We work with you to develop a site that delivers an engaging user experience that keeps visitors on your website and helps to convert them to customers. 

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The clean design is a 1-page parallax site which is perfect for establishing an online presence. If you are a brick and mortar business that wants to take advantage of local internet traffic, or even a single product or service provider, then this design is ideal for you. Its simplicity is translated into loading speed, a responsive design, and an elegant look that defines your brand.


Features: easily identified calls-to-action; straightforward navigation; visual messaging.
Benefit: 3D effect while scrolling for an interactive and engaging user experience that highlights and promotes your brand.

The modern website is about attracting attention and converting your visitors through sleek and appealing designs. A modern website is a perfect fit for bloggers, restaurants, and solopreneurs who not only need to have an online presence but optimize said presence to gain customers and followers. Usually 5 pages or fewer, this type of site allows you to display the needed information and rank easily for SEO.


Features: usability built into the design; persuasiveness at its core; uniqueness lends to its appeal.
Benefit: improves the perception of your business and generates leads and conversions.





Though a classic design can be suitable for any business category, it is highly suited for small businesses. As a classic appeal without the outdated look, it is the design that works for your business by displaying and promoting your brand. It also has an ageless appeal that sets the standard for your brand and which makes your small business identifiable.


Features: coding for specific elements; supports rich media (video; pictures); consistency in the display of brand message across web pages.
Benefit: where form follows function, a classic website is customized to meet your specific business needs

The internet is an ever-changing landscape but with a timeless design, you will require little updating over the years. As an evergreen concept, it is the right website design for your e-commerce business. Your inventory may change, but the layout and design can remain as long as you like. A timeless design allows you to build a distinct appeal by ensuring that customers will know what to expect from your site.


Features: tasteful design; timeless appeal; won’t become irrelevant; great long term value for your pocket.
Benefit: despite the constant changing technologies, your timeless website design promotes longevity of your brand and a consistent message to your customers.