social media management

There are numerous social networking sites available today. But, not all of them are suitable for your business. At New Reach Digital, we help you determine the best sites for your business that would expand the reach of your product or service and offer the best options in terms of lead generation for new customers. Whether this means Facebook, LinkedIn, iNSTAGRAM, PINTEREST or another site(s), we ensure that we maximize the best resources online for your business. We CAN START FROM SCRATCH or enhance your current social media accounts.

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We guide your social media presence to get your business in front of your target audience. Our services help to build your brand into a respectable and trustworthy business that converts the leads it generates into customers. Social media is the new word of mouth marketing and allows people to more easily interact and engage with your brand. New Reach Digital uses this opportunity to promote your business with quantifiable results and analysis geared at continuous improvement. 

The beauty about our social media management services is that we do not force you into entering a long contract. This means that your business will always get the best social media management services from New Reach Digital as we ensure your continued satisfaction and look forward to the continuous renewal of our services. 

With New Reach Digital you get:
1. assessment for the most suitable networks/channels to market your business
2. customized social media marketing packages to suit your business needs at different price points
3. 6-month retainer for services
4. personal touch with bi-weekly or monthly one-on-one meetings



Organic isn’t just a term to describe your produce. On social media organic reach is based on growing your community. This online community you are creating consists of your followers. When you post on social media, they are the ones you are trying to engage with. Growing your social media accounts organically requires fresh content and interacting with your audience



Paid social is self-explanatory. You are paying to extend your reach. You won’t be sharing your message with just anyone, you will be sharing it with the audience you select. Social media has given us the ability to send ads to our target audience. Growing social media via paid efforts will also impact your organic reach!