Branding: So Much More Than Just A Logo

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There’s a common misconception that a logo is your brand. This is simply not true. There is far more that makes up your brand than just a logo. A brand is a your vision, how you communicate with your customers, your visuals, your products and/or services, and most importantly, it is the experience that your customers  will experience when doing business with you.

According to Statista, a brand distinguishes its business from its rivals in the eyes of the customers. A well-known brand can also generate more business than lesser-known brands for the same product or service. Your brand is the single most important intangible asset of your business.

What’s the Difference between Brand, Branding, and Brand Identity?

·         Brand:  is what people perceive about your company.

·         Branding: relates to the actions you perform in order to establish an effective image of your business.

·         Brand Identity: happens to be a combination of brand elements that build your brand image as a whole for your audience.


What is Branding?

According to Entrepreneur, branding is a practice that you perform to create a name or design that can effectively identify and differentiate your products from others

 Through branding, you tell your customers what they can expect from you. In detail, branding derives from who you are and what people perceive about you.  you can add more value to your products or services if get good brand equity through strategic branding. In simple words, branding is the promise that you make to your customers.

Once you have got strong brand equity, you can effectively attach quality and emotions to your products and/or service. For example, people prefer to buy Nike’s shoes not just because of their quality but because of the brand’s association with star athletes. That swoosh checkmark holds brand equity.

What are the Key Elements of Branding?

The key elements of branding include:

·         Brand Identity

·         Image

·         Character

·         Culture

·         Personality

·         Essence

·         Brand Equity


Why is Branding Much More than a Logo?

Once Marty Neumeier said,

“A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.” 

Isn’t my logo a brand? This is one of the most common questions that digital marketers hear from their clients in this 21st century. Without any doubt, a logo is related to your brand but it’s not merely the brand but only a part of it. In fact, a logo is not enough to win the trust of your audience and you need much more than that.

Brand identity helps a business generate its unique existence in both online and offline markets. It conveys your message in the right manner and presents you as a professional and reliable platform. Ultimately, it helps you build trust with your customers.

In today’s world, where markets are over saturated, it has become essential for a brand to prove itself as professional and trustworthy to its customers. your logo isn’t enough to tell the audience who you are, what you offer, and what makes you better than others, but your brand in its entirety can

In summary:

·         Branding presents your business as a whole.

·         You can use a logo to help people recognize your business but through branding, you can create a positive image in their minds regarding your products or services.

·         Branding grows your business in a thoughtful way.

·         It helps you in public relations, community involvement, and communications of any kind.


Why is Branding Important for Every Business?

No matter if you are a small business or an international entity, branding is essential for your business. Beyond just a professional logo, you can effectively increase the value of your business with the help of good branding. From your logo to your reputation, your customer service and advertising, branding Is at the center of your entire business. As Dave Kerpen said,

“I’ve always believed in the adage, ‘Tell, don’t sell.’ Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone loves a good story.”

 How branding impacts your business:

·         It Improves Your Recognition

Since a logo is also a part of branding, it can be said that branding helps to improve your recognition. A logo happens to be the ‘face' of a business and this small visual identity is enough to penetrate in the minds of customers to build long-term brand recognition. Your tone, messaging, association, and vision (all parts of your brand) all add a necessary layer to ingrain your brand into your customers memory.

·         It Generates New Customers

Let’s face it, you’ve got to look the part and you’ve got to connect with your customer. This is what customers are attracted to and how customers decide where to spend their money. A brand image that speaks directly to your target audience is bound to generate new customers. These new customers may also feel inclined to share your brand with their friends and family. If you are lucky, they may also tout your brand on social media!

·         It Builds Trust

A cohesive brand is the foundation of any reputable business. Today’s customers recognize this. They will not invest their hard earned dollars on any product or service unless they trust who they are buying it from. Be consistent with your branding.

Needless to say, your logo is just a top of the iceberg while branding presents your business as a whole. A logo Your logo takes care of your visual identity while branding is at of the core of your business! Ready to up your brand game? Contact us now!