How to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

How to stick to your New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we have to revisit all of the goals we set in the beginning of the year! Each year we wake up bright eyed and refreshed on January 1st. We are optimistic about the future and cannot wait to accomplish our list full of goals. Unfortunately, this energy we had in the beginning of the new year begins to wear off almost immediately. Our hefty goals are now just another thing we throw on the back burner. By the time February comes around, many of our goals have become a distant memory. We fall back into our old habits and our life goes on.

What makes our New Year resolutions darn hard to keep? Our guess is that over time these goals just do not seem achievable alongside our daily commitments. Whether you wanted to expand your business, spend more time on yourself, or whatever else you mapped out in the beginning of the year. This is your reminder that those goals were (and still are) important. There’s a reason why you set them in the first place. Here are a few tips on how to not lose sight of them throughout the year.

How to Stick to Your Goals

It’s a common habit in all of us to break our New Year resolutions just after few days. Whether to lose weight or to expand a business, most of us fail to stick to our goals and welcome the New Year without finishing the previous ones. Why does it happen? How to deal with it? How can we change this trend this year? Let's try!

  • Start with Small Tasks

Breaking your resolutions into smaller tasks precisely helps you stick to the goals throughout the year. You can set monthly targets for your weight loss, scheduling some time in a day for self-growth and creative exploration, or create break up large projects to achieve your business goals. (These are the most common New Years resolution – fitness, self growth, and business/financial growth.)

If you are a small business owner looking to expand your footprint to the digital world. To achieve this business resolution (expanding your footprint to the digital world), you first need to identify what it entails – the first goal in this process is to have a mobile-optimized, SEO friendly, website. Though you can (and we highly recommend that you do *shameless plug*) hire an agency to create it for you, there are still many steps that will require your insight from the beginning to the end of the process. So breaking up the project into milestone is best (a milestone for design, development, marketing, and so on.) These milestones and their associated timelines will often come from the agency, but again, it still requires work from your end – like meetings or delivering website copy. It is best to create smaller tasks for a large goal; it will be much more achievable that way.

  • Increase Discipline

There are many scientifically proven ways to stick to your New Year goals and discipline is listed with the top ones. In 2019, we all need to increase our discipline. There are parts of our goal that can become tedious very fast. Want to grow your business? You are probably posting on social media 5x a day, if not more! Want to lose weight? You are probably hitting the gym 3x a week, if not more! To see results, we must remain disciplined and consistent. Tedious tasks require discipline because way too often we just give up on them.

How to Keep Yourself Stay Motivated

Motivation is a key factor on whether or not you will achieve your New Years goals. Stay motivated by remembering what you are striving for! Again, there is a reason why you set those goals. It’s true that achieving New Year goals is seldom but it isn’t impossible. All you need is a positive approach and motivation.  To stay motivated and accomplish anything this year:

  • Make Lists

Writing something down on pen and paper solidifies it.  Make a habit of writing a to-do list to foster your creativity, stick to your goals, and remain motivated till the end. It’s actually a mental experience that can help you stay your brain stick to the things you have listed on a paper. In fact, it’ll turn your abstract goals into a concrete form.

Have a glimpse into some valuable benefits of making a list (in a list!):

·      A list can help you to improvise your ability to select and prioritize.

·      It provides you with a positive and psychological process.

·      It helps in determining the steps needed.

·      It helps you clear the weeds that you didn’t see before.

·      It feels great to see ticked-marks on what you have achieved.

  • Stop Fearing The Unknown

There are two things that you need to remove to keep yourself in the right direction; fear and distraction. If you dispel these two, you can effectively keep yourself motivated in your work. There happen to be more than 60,000 thoughts that come into our mind in a single day and you need to remove all those that distract you from your goals.

  • Visualize Your Future

It’s simple! Visualize your good future daily to stay motivated all the time. What will be your reaction if you accomplish all your goals by the end of the year? How would you react when you’ll see your small business transforming into a global enterprise? These visualizations can truly work for you!

Making New Year resolutions is important and you can easily accomplish them if you stick to the goals and stay motivated. You can stick to your goals by breaking a big project into small tasks, bringing discipline in your work process, and also from learning the past mistakes. You can also keep yourself motivated throughout the year by removing fear and making a list of all your goals. Most importantly, visualization of a good future will help you accomplish your 2019's resolutions.  This is your year!


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